A Business Case Study:

How to employ your 16-year-old son and teach him entrepreneurial skills…..

When Ben III and his wife Beth were considering summer employment opportunities for their son, Ben IV.…not many prospects surfaced. Ben III, a foodservice executive and former chef, thought to honor his family history by naming his Dijon Parmesan Dressing & Marinade after his great grandfather, Ben I, a US Senator from Kentucky. Senator Ben’s Dijon Parmesan Dressing & Marinade was born.

The Business Case Study Included:

  • Product Development
  • Nutritional Analysis
  • Product Design and Labeling
  • Marketing and Web Page Development
  • On-Line Purchasing Integration
  • Permits and Licensing
  • Food Production
  • Weekly Catering Sales Generation from a Local Farmers Market
  • Financial and Administrative Management

How to use Senator Ben’s:

Mix a small amount with your fresh salad greens……. a little goes a long way. Add some fresh Parmesan …you are good to go!

Marinade your favorite protein or vegetables overnight or 4-5 hours…if you can…that’s it. Place in a bag, refrigerate, drain the excess the next day, place in the oven, on a grill or sauté until your heart is content… and baste as required. Serve.

Sauce & Dip….. fantastic addition to your favorite crudité or  fresh, hot bread.

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